My name is Hel. Welcome to my blog documenting my journey to my dream.

My ambition is to become financially independent, live in Nicaragua in winter and start a small health retreat there. Summers, I would like to spend here on the West Coast in a dope campervan. Each fall, I would like to go visit my family in Europe for 1-2 months and travel the world more. But most importantly, I would like to make more people smile wherever I am.

I live currently in one of the most expensive city on the planet- Vancouver. I live rather simply and try saving money while staying healthy, fit and youthful as long as possible.

I started this blog to keep me on track and accountable as well as to become a better writer since English is not my native language. So please bear with me.

Hope this blog will inspire you to follow your dreams too! Feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you, I like you already! ❤