The cost of a super immunity veggie smoothie


Recently, I had some friends from the Czech Republic staying over. In the morning, I made my super duper breakfast smoothie (which I have been upgrading since my first post about it) and served it to them. They liked it a lot and asked me how much would one smoothie like that cost to make. It surprised me that I have not thought about it before. I went to do my groceries and measured each ingredient I put into it and this is what I came up with.

Every morning, I make a full blender of smoothie and drink half for breakfast and second half for lunch so the price here is for both, breakfast and lunch.

When making the smoothie, I start with the root vegetables. I buy organic turmeric root and a daily portion costs me CAD 0.60. Ginger root is cheaper and the piece I use comes to CAD 0.25. Baby carrots are easy to deal with as they are already pre-washed and small. It cost me daily CAD 0.50. My smoothies are all about the cruciferous vegetables as a prevention of cancer. That’s why they are full of broccoli (CAD 0.90), bok choy (CAD 0.20), kale (CAD 0.40). I top it up with a celery stick for bitterness (CAD 0.30), an avocado for smoothness (CAD 1.50), and one full lemon for juiciness (CAD 1.00).

Fresh veggies are followed by a spoon full of spirulina (CAD 2.00), super greens (CAD 1.00), hemp protein (CAD 0.50), flax meal (CAD 0.10) and chia seeds (CAD 0.50). Recently I started to add some mushrooms extracts as those are supposed to improve immunity immensely and shut down any cells which decide to be cancerous. These extracts (a teaspoon of each shitake, reishi and turkey tail) come to CAD 4.30 altogether. To cover the earthy taste of the smoothie I add pomegranate juice (CAD 2.00).

Sometimes I eat my smoothie as a bowl with nuts and berries (and 100% unsweetened chocolate), which adds another CAD 3.00 to the price.


Counting it all together, the price of my breakfast and lunch comes to CAD 19.05. That’s not bad at all for such a super healthy combo as CAD 20 would not normally be enough to buy breakfast and lunch in Vancouver. So I guess I am building super immunity for less money, exactly how I like it 😉

My dear reader, thank you that you made it to the end and hopefully enjoyed my article which is the first one of many describing my journey to saving and investing money in one of the most expensive city on the planet to reach my dream of retiring earlier than at 65, staying healthy and youthful as long as possible, living in Nicaragua in winter and up here on the West Coast in summer, spending more time with my family in Europe, traveling more and making more people smile. Feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you, I like you already!



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