How did I do- my April budget


My April budget

Hello my dear readers, thank you for visiting me again. As I said in my first blog post I started this blog to keep myself accountable for saving money and investing them for an early retirement. The entire month of March I wrote down my spendings to find out that I am spending more than I need to. That was the reason, why I continued to write down my expenses in April to see, hopefully, some improvements. And here it is:


Nothing has changed in my housing, internet, phone and insurance expenses.


Yes, I still own my car while gas became super expensive in Vancouver. One liter of gasoline reached $1.619 in April. It is almost as high as in Europe. The reason for higher gas prices is not only the start of summer which always pushes the price of gas up here in Vancouver but also an increase in the provincial carbon tax. Well, I guess will try to drive less this summer. Total spending on gas $120. Car insurance price $130 has not changed.



I did not spend much money on entertainment in April, except for $250 for Ayahuasca one night retreat (which was not that entertaining at the beginning). That means I spent the same amount of money on entertainment as I did in March 2018 but my April “entertainment” will be better for me in the long run :-).


I keep eating healthy food that means my groceries bill has not changed that much. It stays around $500 which is ok and worth it for my health.


I keep exercising at home every day which means it’s free. The only time I spent money on exercise in April were two hot yoga classes $10 each. Together $20.


Eating out expenses was the main thing I wanted to change and lower my spendings on. And I succeeded. I stopped paying for other people and went out only five times in April 2018. I also chose cheaper restaurants and did not drink alcohol. That way I spent only $95 on restaurants. That is a great success. I am very proud of myself.


In April 2018, I spent $50 on coffee. I bought a french press which helped to decrease the coffee expenses. More often I make my own coffee at home, but sometimes I just feel like having somebody else make it for me ;-). And I discovered new Blenz Turmeric latte! Oh man, that thing is sooo good. Its spiciness gives you a kick without caffeine. I think I am addicted which won’t be good for my budget…

MZ the dog needed only $35 in April 2018 to live happily. Nice and cheap! Yes!


I learned from my massage therapist how to release tension in my shoulders and I do that at home myself. That way  I don’t have to go for a massage that often and save money. Furthermore, I discovered that my lash extensions last well for four weeks if I take a good care of them. That means I don’t have to go for a fill that often and again more money stays in my wallet. And lastly, I found a really good nails lady who does a great job and the nail polish is not chipping. It seems like quality beauty services and good care of myself helps me save money. Total spending $190.


Including cleaning, decoration, cosmetics etc. amounted to $40.

Rent 1,300
Electricity 60
Internet 50
Cellphone 60
Health insurance 41
Car insurance 130
Gas 120
Entertainment 250
Groceries 500
Restaurants 95
Coffee 50
Dog food and toys 35
Beauty 190
House supplies 40
Yoga 20
Total 2,941

Amazing, I was able to save almost $800 by cooking more and eating out less as well as by figuring out my beauty services and giving up on expensive entertainment like going skiing to Whistler. Will keep working on this and try not to spend more than $3,000 per month every month this year!


My dear reader, thank you that you made it to the end and hopefully enjoyed this article which is one of many describing my journey to saving and investing money in one of the most expensive city on the planet to reach my dream of retiring earlier than at 65, staying healthy and youthful as long as possible, living in Nicaragua in winter and up here on the West Coast in summer, spending more time with my family in Europe, traveling more and making more people smile. Feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you, I like you already!

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