Not Getting Colds, Flu, and Sinus Infections helps me become Financially Independent Faster

My story

Since I was a child I suffered from colds and flu every winter. My birthday is in February and most of my birthday pictures show me sitting on a bed with my birthday cake. How sad… As an adult, I studied and lived in Prague. City life, pollution, and an airconditioned office added regular sinus infection to my “winter fun”. I spent a copious amount of money on pills preventing colds and flu and tinctures preventing sinus infections. I ate a lot of vitamin pills as well. Nothing really worked, so I kept having sniffles, sore throat, fevers, headaches etc. and missed a lot of time at work. I never believed in the flu shots so never got one.

After I moved to the Yukon, colds stopped (not even viruses can survive Yukon winter ūüôā but terrible flu and sinus infection stayed. I did not like the winter edition of Great White North, so I moved to Vancouver. My good ol’ colds came back and sinus infections stayed. Partying made my sinus infection even worse.

In September 2017, I decided to end my colds, flu and sinus infection forever. Got a book SuperImmunity from Dr. Fuhrman,  bought a Vitamix (got a used one half price form craigslist, yay) and started to make healthy veggie smoothies. Here are my results:

I have not had any colds, flu or sinus infection for this past winter 2017/2018!!


How did I do it? Well, here is my recipe how not to get a cold (flu, sinus infection) ever again:

1) Veggie smoothie for breakfast and snack/light lunch

Since I got my vitamix, I started to make healthy veggie smoothies every morning. Ingredients include:

Ginger, carrots, tumeric                    Celery sticks, spinach, young kale, bok choy,

IMG_9754 (1)

avocado, lemon

IMG_9756 (1)

chia seeds, ground flax seeds, spirulina, vegan protein powder from sprouted grains,

pomegranate juice                                                             water

and final product ūüėČ

Sometimes I add apple cider vinegar as well. I prepare a full vitamix¬†container of this smoothie and drink it for breakfast and lunch. I do not measure how much of each ingredient I put in, so every day it has a different color and slightly different taste. That makes my life more colorful, less predictable and more interesting ūüėČ I became so addicted to this smoothie that I feel weird if I don’t have it… I guess that’s a healthy addiction.

2) Stop eating dairy products

I found out that I have lactose intolerance couple years back, but it applied only to milk. I kept eating yogurts and kefir every morning believing they are healthy for me. But they were not. In September 2017, I stopped eating dairy completely. No milk, no yogurt, no kefir, and no cheese for this lady. Well, I occasionally¬†had a piece of cheese on pizza or at a house party if it was an expensive type of cheese, but I stopped buying cheese altogether.¬† And surprisingly enough, I don’t even miss it. Sometimes I have a little bit of whipped cream (this one is hard to give up), but not too often.

The reason I stopped eating dairy is that I read in the SuperImmunity book and elsewhere that it causes phlegm. And sure enough, I did not have stuffed up nose or sniffles once this past winter. A new world of easy breathing opened up for me. I did not even know that it is possible.

3) Sleep at least 7 hours a night

Yes, I need my beauty sleep, but my immunity likes it too. I go to bed early enough so that I get at least 7 hours sleep every night. It has been paying off health and beautywise.


4) Exercise outside every day

I was never a big fan of gyms. I find it weird to spend an hour and more in a room with a lot of sweaty people who pretend not to notice each other. On top of it usually stinks in the gyms even with a good air conditioning. So I exercise outside. I run the outdoor staircase up to the¬†4th floor six times first thing in the morning (before breakfast). I also walk my dog couple times a day, but that’s more fun than exercise. After the stairs run, I do yoga, muscle strengthening, short meditation, face muscles exercises, handstand and splits¬†practice at home next to an open window. I do this every single day.

This routine not only helps me prevent colds but also saves me money on a gym membership.


5) Special routine for “under the weather” feeling

You know the feeling of being tired without reason and maybe having a mild headache, nothing serious but annoying. Yes, I felt about 3 times that way this¬†past winter. As soon as that feeling came, I called it the day. Went home, made an elixir out of ginger, turmeric, and lemon juice (btw. it’s a great “pick me up”¬†drink if you don’t want to have coffee), had a hot bath and slept for 10-12 hours. The next day, I was super healthy again. No cold, no flu, no sore throat, no sniffles, no stuffed up nose.

Yes!! I have boosted my immunity to the level that cold, flu and sinus infection can’t get me anymore!! My dream of cold-less winters came through. Now I just need to fulfill the dream of winter-less life ;-).

And now you might ask how is the cold-less life helping me become Financially Independent faster?

Well, the time I am not sick I can work. that way I make more and save more money. I also save money on pharmaceutical products.

Sure, buying organic veggies cost more than eating processed foods but you can always grow some of your own food at home, like kale, spinach, carrots. Peelable veggies and fruit like avocados, lemons do not necessarily need to be organic.

Let me please know if you have other good tips how to prevent and/or get over a cold (flu, sinus infection) fast so that we can inspire and help those who are still suffering from these nasty things.

I wish you happiness, joy and laughter and no cold, flu or sinus infection ever after!

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