Side Hustle as a Performer

Good things happen to those who hustle – Anai Nin

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Having an entertaining skill which not too many people possess can lead to a great side hustle. In my case, it is hula hooping and acro-hooping.

I started to hula hoop about 5 years ago when I saw a girl hula hooping and fire dancing at my friend’s wedding. I decided to learn that skill and practiced every day. I learned tricks from Youtube videos as I lived in the Yukon where there were no hula hooping teachers. I ordered fire wicks for my hula hoop as soon I was able to keep it on my waist for at least ten minutes straight. My first fire spinning caused my eyelashes to scorch, but I kept going. After I moved to Vancouver, I immersed myself in acro yoga. As soon as I knew some basic acro moves, I started to combine it with hula hoops to create a routine in acro-hooping, a fairly new category of art which not that many people do.
As a newbie in Vancouver, it was hard to find gigs at first. So I decided that I need to be seen. At my first Vancouver Electro-Swing party in 2014, I jumped on the stage and started to hula hoop. After that, the producer of the party offered me a paid gig ($50). One gig leads to another and last summer I was performing at Canada Place for Canada Day for $800.
Hula hooping, fire dancing and acro yoga not only made me some money but took me to foreign countries and helped me to make new friends.

So if you have a dream to become a performer or already possess an entertaining skill then go for it! Practice every day, become better every day and share it with the world. You might also make some extra $$.

Here is a gallery of my art in case you want to hire me for your show!



Vancouver and BC
Electroswing Circus (January 2018) || Vancouver Pride (August 2017) || Canada Day 150 at Canada Place (July 2017) || Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things (June 2017) || Electroswing Circus Vancouver (January 2017) ||  Revelry NYE Vancouver (December 2016) ||  Electric Flower Circus Vancouver (November 2016) || Australian Accountant Financial Awards Whistler (September 2016) || Pride New Westminster (August 2016) || Pride Sunset Beach Vancouver (August 2016)  || Birthday Party of Darren Jacklin (August 2016)  ||  Burn in the Forest music festival (July 2016)  || Motion Notion music festival (July 2016)  || Pride Sunset Beach Vancouver (July 2016) || Cirque Sensual (June 2016)  ||  Zajac nights fundraiser (June 2016) || Social Media Mastery Conference (June 2016) || Electric Flower Circus (March 2016) || Electroswing Circus (January 2016) || Psytrance Party (October 2015) || Dustcovery (October 2015) || MotionNotion Music Festival (July 2015) || Bass Coast Music Festival (July 2015) || Pop Up Art (July 2015) || Emergence Project (April 2015) || Electroswing Tea Party (January 2015) || Car Dealership Launch Party (2014) ||

Sourdough Rendezvous (February 2016) || Sunstroke Music Festival (June 2014) || Canada Day and Labour Day (2013) || Private weddings and parties (2013) ||

Private Wedding Prague, Czech Republic (September 2016) || Cosmic Convergence Music Festival, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala (December 2015) || Winter Solstice, San Marcos, Guatemala (December 2015) || Rio de Janeiro (July 2014) || Amazonia, private boat (July 2014) || Multiple restaurants, Goa, India (2013) ||

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